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Krysta Theus, Healing Purpose CEO
Krysta Theus, Healing Purpose CEO

Krysta Theus
Founder | CEO

Welcome to my world!


My path has been quite the adventure of experiences, from quiet observation to bold actions. I'm so grateful. Those moments have shaped me into a successful connector and an empathetic leader passionate about bringing about change.

At Healing Purpose, we're all about nurturing changemakers and trailblazers like YOU!


I believe in the power of authenticity and the importance of aligning personal values with professional roles (not the other way around). Our focus is on empowering you to lead with purpose and make significant impacts.

I'm excited for you to join me on this journey. Together, we'll navigate the path to transformative leadership. I'm excited to celebrate your growth, success, and fulfillment along the way.


Your story of becoming an empowered, impactful leader starts here. Welcome.


Synergize and Succeed with Us!

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Healing Purpose is a leader's sanctuary at the intersection of transformative leadership and personal growth. It clarifies and redefines what leadership excellence looks like and feels like. It moves teams from fragmented states to synergetic flow and enables organizations to reach their full potential-- high-performance, high-impact, and high quality, from the inside out.


EmpowerHer Synergy is a key facet of this vision. It focuses on elevating women leaders navigating a dynamic professional world. Krysta’s experience-rich approach interweaves personal and professional growth to inspire leaders to enrich their paths with confidence,  authenticity, and resilience.


This platform is not just about leading—it’s about empowering lives through change, nurturing potential, and inspiring generational legacies of lasting impact.

Empowering Leaders and Teams
At Healing Purpose, we design cultural transformation in both public and private sectors. Our passion is in sculpting individual leadership mastery, holistically nurturing teams, and reshaping organizations with our unique blend of technical, strategic, and human-centered approaches.


Unleashing Potential Across Industries
Our expertise spans healthcare, technology, hospitality, and more. We've tailored our approach for executives, HR professionals, and emerging leaders, ensuring our clients receive effective solutions that propel each individual and each organization toward unprecedented growth and success.

Collaborative Excellence
Our strength lies in our network of seasoned leadership consultants and coaches, ensuring diverse perspectives to deliver practical wisdom as well as innovative methods. Together, our team forges paths for visionary leaders and organizations to thrive in ever-evolving and fast-paced environments.

Inspired Change Led Well


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Headquartered in Houston, Texas (USA)

Global Service Delivery Area

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