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Meet Krysta Theus

Smiling Healing Purpose CEO, Krysta Theus

Krysta Theus

Founder  |  CEO

Get ready to be captivated by Krysta Theus, the visionary force behind Healing Purpose.


With a master's degree in organizational management and a unique blend of certifications, experience, and skills, Krysta doesn't just set the stage for change—she orchestrates transformative symphonies that will set your organization ablaze.

For over two decades, Krysta has been a leader in the healthcare sector, partnering with industry giants like Mayo Clinic, Mercy, and Memorial Hermann Health System. Her leadership in multi-site, cross-functional initiatives has not only set new benchmarks but also garnered esteemed accolades.

But for Krysta, promoting personal growth and wellness, catalyzing business growth, and enhancing lives aren't just business transactions—they're her soul's mission, her Healing Purpose. Her passion and commitment have resulted in transformations worth millions and legacies that endure.

With Healing Purpose, Krysta's visionary guidance is your passport to a transformative journey. She challenges organizations and individuals to unlock their untapped potential, daring you to aim for the stars and shatter the glass ceiling. With Krysta as your ally, the extraordinary isn't just a dream—it's your new reality.

Redefine your boundaries.

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