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Golden Sparkles

Healing Purpose

Integrative approaches and empowering health and transformations for women in leadership to ignite and capitalize on their


Holding Hands

Love and Relationships

Powerful and lasting change in your relationships is possible.

That's right. That means experiencing the love you desire is possible.  You will enjoy it more. You deserve it!

Working Together

Career and Money

You may not know it. Career, business, or resource challenges today may stem from your childhood experiences. But it's better to change now. You're a better person than you were before.  Aren't you?

Meditate at home

Personal and Spiritual Growth

Understanding the whys and hows of being is so important.  There is always more to learn.

You came here for a purpose. Just your being here makes you want to learn this!

Wellness and Coaching Services

Empowerment and Performance

Anyone can do this easy, fun, and powerful process. Pretend for a moment that there are ZERO barriers standing in your way. You can have the alignment, clarity, resolution, and focus that you desire.

Imagine changing in an instant.

You will, you know?

R Luxe  Retreats



Reflect + Release + Refresh = Renew

Bypass burnout and pause for a cause—YOU! 

It's time to let go, be enriched, and fellowship with some of the world's most amazing women. Would it be all right to feel this good?

Yes, of course, it would! And you will.



Reviews are in!

Krysta's "professionalism, passion for gaining a deeper understanding, and her ability to bring unity in were definitely noted".


Krysta "distinguishes herself by always being accessible and providing exceptional service".


"In addition to her excellent ability and skills, she is also kind, patient, and thoughtful. I have no doubt that she will excel, because that is her way."


"Where attention goes, energy flows
and results show."

Dare to allow change now!

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